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Today we are delighted to announce another court victory. This time our Norwegian clients claimed another victory over Anfi. The court of the first instance SBT No 3 declared our clients contract null and void and ordered Anfi to repay them 30,153€ PLUS INTEREST. Congratulations to our…

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Anfi Court Victory

It is with great pleasure that we share our latest sentence, which will result in our German clients celebrating! Court number 5 of Maspalomas declared their contract null and void with Anfi Resorts, in a court procedure with incredibly took less than a year. Although…

ANFI (18)
Anfi Court Victory!

Canarian Legal Alliance is heading to celebrate another victory with our clients from Norway, whose contract from 2006 with Anfi has been declared null and void. The Judge from the Court Number 3 from Maspalomas has applied the Spanish Supreme Court´s criteria when stating that…

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